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CREATE unforgettable experiences AND TURN CUSTOMERS INTO FANS

How do you turn customers into raving fans? You start by giving them experiences they will never forget.


Whether you sell products or services, the only way to stand out is by treating your customers like rock’n’roll royalty—every single time they interact with your company. Service That Rocks: Create Unforgettable Experiences and Turn Customers into Fans shows you how to begin by hiring people especially suited to your business, then giving them the training and permission they need to make your brand iconic.


Part of the "Culture That Rocks" series, Service That Rocks draws on examples from some of the world’s most recognizable big businesses, along with lesser-known but equally potent single-location entities, to reveal how, when exemplary service permeates your organization’s culture, it will transcend simply being transactional.


With edu-training practical advice and actionable tips, Service That Rocks gives you the ultimate set list to avoid mediocrity and create service so memorable that it will transform your customers into devoted fans of the brand.

ServiceThat Rocks attained amazon #1 Best Seller status and is currently available in Print, Audio and eBook (Kindle).

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