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program synopsis

How to Enhance Employee Experiences and Retain Chart-Topping Talent

Knowing that employees are so critical to any business, how leaders treat them is the one true strategy to empower and retain team members, manage a remote workforce, and ultimately create a world class organization.


This high-energy keynote program is effectively designed to highlight proven ways to create and maintain a strong internal team member culture through robust engagement. This secures commitment (versus compliance) from employees to stick around longer, deliver unforgettable customer experiences, and produce sustainable results.

Engagement That Rocks can be delivered as a 60-90 minute keynote or a half-day workshop.


key unique concepts

Understanding Virtuous vs. Vicious Environments

Harnessing the Power of Storytelling

Amping Up Communication

Empowering Team Members

Embracing Technology

Employing the Emotional Bank Account

Considering Customized Benefits

Utilizing Philanthropy as a Differentiator

Positively Leading Change Initiatives

Managing a Remote Workforce

Retaining Top Talent

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the companion book

Engagement That Rocks: Enhance Employee Experiences and Retain Chart-Topping Talent teaches leaders of all levels how to produce rock star business results, but from the inside out. 


Part of the “Culture That Rocks” series, Engagement That Rocks is the final piece of the puzzle to truly delivering memorable experiences for customers...and it's all about loving on your team. Experts know that it is the root cause pathway to cultural Nirvana.


Full of practical advice and actionable tips, this employee-focused blueprint gives readers the inside track to dramatically enhancing the internal culture of the business, by using the greatest asset there is: the brand ambassadors! 

Planned launch for Engagement That Rocks is early 2025 and will be available for discounted bulk purchases.

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